Business owners consistently look for ways to be more profitable. That's why many of them look to National Equipment Appraisal to help manage their assets.
Understanding the true value of machinery and equipment helps business owners make more money because they can better manage the assets they own. Here's how:

Reducing taxes

Reduce personal property taxes by eliminating "ghost assets" – assets that are on the books but are no longer there. If contemplating a property tax appeal, consult National Equipment Appraisal to substantiate values.
A C-Corporation to S Corporation conversion may result in substantial income tax savings for owners of privately held companies. Consult your tax advisor and consider an asset appraisal to provide protection in the event built-in gains tax is triggered within the waiting period.
In mergers and acquisition situations, a machinery and equipment appraisal can be used in connection with structuring the transaction, determining depreciation recapture and in computing the gain or loss.
Obtaining Financing

Machinery and equipment appraisals are effectively used to secure term loans or working capital lines of credit. With lenders becoming more "asset minded" lending requests that are accompanied by an independent certified machinery and equipment appraisal have a better chance of approval.
Business Protection

Business owners who are renewing their insurance policies, changing carriers, expanding operations or buying a business routinely engage National Equipment Appraisal for Replacement Cost Appraisals.

In the unfortunate case where a company suffers a loss or disaster, insurance claims that include specific and detailed information about the condition of the asset and its value, are processed more efficiently and quicker. For this reason, business owners have their machinery and equipment appraised and the initial appraisal becomes the basis for annual updates.

Ownership and Transition Issues

National Equipment Appraisal provides machinery and equipment valuation information for ownership agreements for various reasons including:

Formation of a business entity
Buy / Sell agreements
A business owner is obtaining a divorce
Partnership dissolution
The business owner is considering retirement
Partners are being added to the company
Acquisition and Disposition of Used Machinery and Equipment
Sometimes it makes sense to take advantage of good deals in the used equipment market. And why tie up valuable working capital in unproductive, idle assets? In both cases, it's important to know the true market value for machinery and equipment.

In addition to helping you determine the right price for equipment purchases and sales, National Equipment provides asset re-marketing and sourcing services through a network of equipment dealers, brokers, appraisers and business intermediaries.

National Equipment Appraisal serves business by offering:

Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Services
Used Equipment Sales / Sell Surplus Equipment
Equipment Sourcing
Business Brokerage
Auctions and Liquidations

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National Equipment Appraisal and JMR Capital's combined talents can handle the entire business or asset sale from concept to closing. We are one of only a few companies that are certified in all three disciplines - machinery and equipment appraisal, business valuation and merger and acquisition services. 

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