Asset managers are faced with difficult choices when it comes to selling used equipment or closing down a plant. Implementing the best marketing strategy to fulfill timing and sale requirements can be a daunting and time consuming task. That's why companies turn to National Equipment Appraisal for marketing advice in situation like these:

1. Complete Facilities – Plant Shutdown – Asset Divestitures

Assets sold in place and in operation generally yield the highest prices for used equipment. Buyers looking to expand operations or acquire complementary product lines pay more because they save time and money by eliminating installation and start up costs.

National Equipment Appraisal specializes in asset sales of entire operations. The company provides these services to owners of privately owned companies and to public companies interested in selling the assets of a division or discontinued operation. The firm's registered buyer database includes approximately 1,800 private equity groups, corporations and high wealth individuals looking to acquire facilities, both profitable and in distress. National Equipment Appraisal (through JMR Capital, Inc.) is a licensed real estate broker and conducts Bulk Sale transfers in California. The company cooperates with brokers across the United States.

2. Prime Asset Marketing

Operational consolidations, capacity upgrade and product line re-alignment frequently result in a company having excess or surplus "prime assets." These assets are usually in good - very good condition and have been maintained according to manufacturers' recommendations and guidelines. Truly saleable assets, these "surplus or idle" assets tie up working capital and require a fast and efficient marketing solution.
National Equipment Appraisal employs a Negotiated Sale Process designed to bring higher used equipment values.

Wholesale used equipment dealers buy used machinery and equipment, hold as inventory and resell at retail. Their profit is the difference between how well they purchase the item and its fair market value.

Retail Equipment Brokers represent equipment owners and sell equipment at its fair market value. They charge a commission when they sell the equipment.

National Equipment markets equipment to retail end-users. Its expert re-marketers employ multiple marketing techniques to increase market visibility and transactions are negotiated by an experienced broker. Clients engage National Equipment Appraisal on an exclusive basis, and maintain ownership of the equipment during the listing period or until sold.

3. Auctions and Liquidations

There are occasions when the owner of the equipment doesn't have the time to follow a traditional sale process and needs to sell the assets quickly. Even if the company conducts an orderly liquidation of prime assets, there usually remain unsold items. Under both scenarios, National Equipment Appraisal manages the project as your representative.

Through its affiliation with International Auction and Appraisal Services, an experienced and accredited auctioneer, assets are marketed internationally to a diverse group of prospective asset buyers. International Auction and Appraisal Services are experts in stimulating markets to achieve positive results. Sellers benefit by having a having an experienced company expose their assets to a large number of qualified prospects and create competition among these prospective buyers. Throughout the entire process – from initial contact through final accounting - National Equipment Appraisal will manage the project.

Clients select National Equipment Appraisal to help with asset sales and division divestitures because:

  • They have access to a national and international database of financially capable buyers seeking companies and entire plants – both operational and in distress situations.
  • It has a sensible approach to make more money for their clients. Prime Assets are marketed at Retail Fair Market Value - not wholesale value.
  • National Equipment Appraisal employs a Negotiated Sale Process designed to bring higher used equipment values.
  • The structured sale process for achieving the highest amount of net proceeds in plant liquidations gives the client the most options and flexibility.
  • Commissions are less than most consignment fees.
  • Clients' are informed every step of the way

To learn more about selling used assets and how National Equipment Appraisal's asset re-marketing programs will help you, contact a sales representative at 877-282-7146.

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